JAMES 4:7

Exercice Matinal Missionary Group,(EMMG) was founded in 1999 in Boston, Massachusetts. We started working with a group of Christian Youth from our church where each Sunday afternoon after the service we gathered all the youth  and some from other congregation in the area to join our youth activities.  Each Sunday as we get together , we planned different activities for the youth just to keep them busy where we  go door to door to evangelize, bowling, picnic ,  play soccer, football, boat riding.  We organize Bible jeopardy games between churches. Exercice Matinal goal is to build self esteem in these youth and bring out their best of themselves to society.

Our Lord Jesus Christ blessed the youth ministry and they grow  spiritually and in number in 2002 as the mission become stronger the youth reached out to more people with different background and ages while preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ; While EMMG, is working with the youth we also engage ourselves by providing assistance  to the parents as well with in prayers, social services for families in trouble. We distributed groceries to home bound elder. EMMG team provided  alphabetization. computer literacy  classes for adults.   

In 2004, EMMG became a non-profit organization where we operate  under the section 501(c) (3), public charity.  As a faith-based organization, we are working very hard to reach out to as many people we can for Christ locally and internationally.  Actually, we are working with more than five hundred children in Cap-Haitian, in Jacmel and in Port Au Prince, Haiti. These are children who have been victimized by the earthquake and the pandemic of cholera.
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